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Educative project KudaPostupat

Educative project KudaPostupat

Country of registration: Ukraine

Project web-sites: kudapostupat.com, kudapostupat.ua, hindustaneducation.com

Covering regions: Ukraine, former Soviet republics, Europe, Asia, North America

The aim of the project KudaPostupat: provision of consumers (students and their parents) with as reliable and complete information about existing offers on the world market of educative services as possible with the purposes of its development, as well as raising general erudition and improving quality of demanding professionals in each sphere of human activity.

Piece of information:

- catalogues of educational institutions (all education levels) in 39 countries with an opportunity of search by cities and specializations;

- lists of preparation centers, agencies, courses, tutors, coaches and other subjects rendering services in the sphere of education and international relations;

- articles and news about education of children and adults;

- reviews of features of getting education in different countries;

- various useful materials that enable not only to facilitate the process of looking for an answer to the question “where to study”, but also realize how to do that at minimum expense and what profession to choose to unlock your potential and build a successful career in future.

You can find more information about the project KudaPostupat here (http://hindustaneducation.com).

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