XIV Міжнародна наукова інтернет-конференція ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION (19-21.04.2018)

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Org Committee

Conference organizers:

Institute of Scientific Forecasting (Kyiv)

Crimean Institute of Economics and Commercial Law (Sevastopol branch)

NGO "Association "Analitkum" (Vinnytsia)

Department of social and political sciences, Vinnytsia National Technical University (Vinnytsia)

Department of Economics, Lviv Academy of Commerce (Lviv)

Universities' Institute of Advertising (Kyiv)

Ukrainian Society of Russian Culture "Rus" (Golaya Pristan')

International Society for Human Rights (Ukrainian section)

Center for International Cooperation "TK Meganom"

Dr  E.Amursky, Director of the Institute of Scientific Forecasting (Kiev), Academician of MABET, PhD in Pedagogics;

Professor  V.Kornienko, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Political Science, PhD in Political Science, Chair of the Department of Political Science and Law, Vinnytsia National Technical University, President of the Association "Analitykum"

Professor  G.Bashnyanin, PhD in Economics, Head of the Department of Economics, Lviv Commercial Academy;

Dr  O.Bykov, PhD in Law, Senior Scientific Associate, Scientific Secretary of the Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Professor  V.Orehovskyy, PhD in History, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Chernivtsi Institute of Trade and Economics, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics;

Professor  A.Babenko, PhD in Economics;

V.Nischadymenko, Head of the Kyiv Regional Valeological Association;

Dr  V.Zhalko-Titarenko, Chief Scientific Associate, Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, PhD in Medicine;

T.Bykova, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of Ukrainian Literature, National Dragomanov Pedagogical University

N.Tskura, a board member of the Ukrainian Society of Russian Culture "Rus'" and the International Society for Human Rights