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Расова Тетяна Маджитівна

Національний Університет "Одеська юридична академія " Миколаївський комплекс


Changes, taking place in modern Ukraine are directed to the democratization of society, building legal state, recognition of person's basic rights and freedoms. Revival of culture and youth's creative potential actualize the problem of man's readiness to the independent and important action in political, economic and cultural life. To create a civil society of legal democratic state, it is necessary to form such kind of public awareness, which would be full of respect to law and law principles and ideas that is connected with improving of legal culture of growing generation. Not only effective functioning of the legal regulation machine, but also attitude of ordinary citizen to law and law institutions depend on the lawyer's activity level. This is proved in research works of such scientists as B.K. Babayev, B.M. Baranv, P.P. Glushenko, P.Z. Livshits, L.S. Mamut, Y.S.Ostroumov, P.Y. Sokolov, V.V. Sorokin and I.A. Chudinov.

Possessing mature awareness, the lawyer is able to become an active bearer of legal culture, democratic and just ideas and successfully to take part in solving of reinforcement of lawfulness problems, rising of legal culture and people's legal consciousness.

Social necessity of foreign language, studying in modern society has a great number of reasons. Expanding of international connections of Ukraine, increasing of business cooperation requires principally new level of specialist's language, as the instrument of intercultural and professional knowledge communication.

Studying of foreign language helps to maintain common cultural students' level at a necessary standard, to expand knowledge by means of country specific actual of that sphere of activity, which they have chosen as the future profession, to improve the level of students' language skills. [1:89]

Free mastering of foreign language becomes requirement of every specialist. The research works of such scientists are devoted to the different aspects of foreign language studying in non-language educational institutions: E.V.Musnitskaya, V.V.Safonova, O.I.Safronenko, O.O. Smirnova, I.A. Tsaturova and others.

Study of theoretical research and practice of foreign language teaching in the conditions of law academy and instilling of legal awareness helped to discover the following contradictions: between need of education of legal awareness of future lawyers and insufficient development of means and conditions for foreign language studying with the aim of improving the level of legal awareness of the future specialists in the sphere of law. Importance and actuality of the considered problem, its insufficient theoretical and practical development in the pedagogical theory caused the reason of determination of research subject: upbringing of students' legal awareness in the process of foreign language studying.

Pedagogical conditions, providing effectiveness of upbringing of students' legal consciousness by means of foreign language are:  enrichment of contents of legal information and increasing its valuable-sense aspects, using the situations, maximum approached to the reality of future students' professional activity in the law institutions, projecting the individual achievements in mastering of foreign language as means of personality-professional formation, stimulating the development of students' active legal position. [2:224]

Especially actual is the task of upbringing young citizens, capable to contradict national and religious extremism, to defend the interests of integrity of the Ukrainian state, to save and multiply cultural-historic traditions and treasures of Ukrainian state.

Conditions of development of civil-law awareness forming include: methodological providing of teaching process, introducing of new information technologies, application of active and interactive developing and controlling methods, application of complex of organized pedagogical and psychological-teaching measures; providing second time occupation in accordance with chosen speciality. In the research process of some difficulties in upbringing of legal awareness of future lawyers by means of foreign language were formed out:

•1)                             insufficient mastery of the dialogue speech in the time of discussing juridical situations;

•2)                             passive reaction of some part of students to the conflict situations of reality.

•3)                             Students' striving to avoid monologue speech in the time of assessing juridical information; demonstrating of intolerance to their fellow students' opinion in situations, requiring juridical interpretation; students' difficulties in giving conclusions and assessing conflict situations in the sphere of legal activity.

On the basis of studying of students' legal awareness it's possible to say that more integration in studying of all disciplines and at the same time integration of foreign language orienting to the upbringing of legal awareness that will permit to intense the processes of professionally personal becoming of future lawyers are necessary.

The task of upbringing the youth free and responsible members of society, who realize their civil rights,  duties and treat with respect to other peoples' rights became universal. Civil-law upbringing of young people is the prior direction of educating process in many countries of the world and is effective only in conditions of continuously holding in every age stage and is combined with educational tasks of school subject.


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